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Foxland Incorporated is pleased to announce the acquisition of Badgerland Agri-Systems, Inc.  Badgerland Agri-Systems, Inc. specialized in the handling and storage of feed and manure for the dairy industry for nearly 50 years and will be an excellent compliment to Foxland Incorporated’s  existing business by expanding its geographical reach and the product lines that can be delivered to this market.

Foxland Incorporated and it’s wholly owned subsidiary, Valley Building Systems, have been serving the Wisconsin dairy industry for over 40 years by offering its customers solutions in the feed handling and storage, manure handling and processing, cow comfort, building construction and concrete.  At Foxland Incorporated, we recognize that dairy producers continue to demand new and innovative products and we are committed to meeting their needs by staying on the forefront of the agricultural industry.

Our contact information is below and we would welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding Foxland Incorporated and its acquisition of Badgerland Agri-Systems, Inc.


Phone: Kaukauna, WI (HQ) – (920) 766-3783

Contact: Joe Gries – President

Kent Arps – Operations Manager

Email: [email protected]

We are eager to accept the challenge of preserving Badgerland Agri-Systems, Inc.’s legacy by maintaining a strong presence in Southern Wisconsin and building upon everything our predecessors have established.