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Valley Building Systems

We have been building custom projects for the last thirty-five years. Our project range from Agricultural, Equestrian, Commercial to Residential. We can offer the highest quality steel, in essentially any shape, size or color you want. Valley Building System will build by the inch not the foot. Our professionals build using the post-frame building method, conventional-stud frame method, solid-core, NuForm and everything in between. We value each individual customer before, during and after the build because we understand it’s each individual customer that in turn builds our reputation, the very foundation of our company’s success. Valley Building System is ready to take on your next custom building.

Freestall Barns

Our freestall barn designs offer one of the most flexible and low cost building options in Wisconsin.

  • Cow Comfort is GUARANTEED in a VBS Rafter Style Freestall Barn!
  • The state-of-the-art lvl Rafter Barn provides the maximum in natural ventilation.
  • The Rafter System eliminates all horizontal members. Unlike a truss, the rafter system will give you a cleaner bird-free environment.
  • A variety of ridge-venting and curtain options keep your cows comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Optional Solar Panels – Gables and Opaque curtains offer a bright and airy atmosphere.

Advantages of Post Frame Buildings

  • Embedded post foundations can be more easily installed during winter construction than pouring concrete foundations.
  • There is greater design flexibility when using post-frame construction techniques. For example: Long span trusses create large building open areas without the need for interior load-bearing walls. Wide post spacings create flexibility for large wall openings.
  • Building system cost savings are considerable. Savings can be realized in: materials, labor, the use of more cost-effective construction equipment, lower interest costs due to quicker erection, less building maintenance and energy savings.
  • State-of-the-art engineering is built into our post-frame construction providing dependable guaranteed performance.

From a showplace of masonry and tile – to a reasonably priced utility design, Valley Building Systems uses the superior technology of tilt-up foam core panels to ensure efficiency in your project’s budget and your monthly energy costs.

Beauty within your budget

Get the best of both worlds with a VBS Solid-Core parlor. Tilt-up panels will speed up building completion. All combines with water resistance and fifty percent better R values. All the value of foam core panels with a great savings in labor. Just tilt up the totally finished panels and put in your doors and windows.

Solid Core Buildings (Built with Structural Insulated Panels)

Structural insulated panels are high-performance building panels used in exterior walls, roofs, and floors. The panels are made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam between two skins of wood structural panels, Typically oriented strand board (OSB). The Solid Core System starts with high performance rigid foam insulation chemically bonded to orientated strand board or plywood.

Depending on the size and needs of the structure, the thickness of the foam is adjusted to increase R-value. In Dairy Parlor builds, 6″ Solid Core Panels are typically used, giving the dairyman a value of R-26 as opposed the R-19 value attributed to a standard studwall with fiberglass insulation. In a comparison from The Brock University, the studwall with fiberglass actually had 68% more leakage when competing against these 6″ solid core panels.

When considering your next parlor, build with the best of both worlds with EPS solid-core. These tilt-up panels speed up building time, decreasing labor costs. By combining these features with water-resistance and a 50% better R value. It’s easy to see the showcase in energy-efficiency, and the money-saving functionality of a solid-core dairy parlor.

No wood-rot. All the energy savings.

These panels are up to 15 times more air-tight, and when combined with other energy-efficient technology, are more efficient than any stick building. Ask us about these tilt-up foam core panels with built-in fiberglass reinforced panels for your next parlor, and learn about the efficiencies of building the right way the first time.

Here are a few other suppliers we work with as we build and design our solar barns. It is the presence of these suppliers that gives each of our solar barns “the right stuff”, and allows us to confidently say: “We will NOT be underbid!”


Coverlite® currogated polycarbonate sheets are used in a multitude of buildings here at Valley Building Systems, and are most often used in our solar barn projects. Amerilux, the father company of Coverlite®, offers a plethora of agricultural building materials. We build with Coverlite® because they know what our customers need. Here are a few of the benefits you receive when you build a VBS Solar Barn.

  • One of the highest degrees of light transmittance: Clear 90%, Bronze 37%, and Opal 52%.
  • These sheets are lightweight, yet 10 times stronger than acrylic, and 200 times stronger than glass making them virtually unbreakable.
  • Due to the ease in fabrication on site, it takes us less time to complete your barn, and saves you money. No cracking. No splintering.
  • This supplier carries a full 10 year non-prorated warranty against yellowing and a 5 year warranty against breakage caused by hail.

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation

There are many variations of solar barns, but only one difference – metal. The advantages of Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation’s metal products begin with quality and value, and close with versatility, durability, and reliability. Their metal panels come in several gauges, and have a wide range of attractive colors and paint finishes. Classic Rib® carries up to 45-year warranty that guarantees your solar barn’s beauty for years to come. With more than 45 years in the industry, this company has built a solid reputation for manufacturing superior products. They understand the importance of every project – large and small.

Here are a few other suppliers we work with as we build and design our solar barns. It is the presence of these suppliers that gives each of our solar barns “the right stuff”, and allows us to confidently say: “We will NOT be underbid!”


Commodity & Separator Buildings

When you’ve found your operation in need of sheltered storage for commodities or equipment, Valley Building Systems offers unlimited solutions and can build easily within an array of budgets.

Thinking about green technology? Foxland Harvestore and Valley Building Systems offers cutting-edge dairy operations the latest in green technology. We specialize in full-unit Daritech® installations, McLanahan® sand separation units, and with our design/build capabilities we oversee the project from the detailed complexities of big unit design and installation, to the smaller oversights like building a structure to protect and house your investment.


Specialized backyard sheds and workshops are ideal for your hobbies.


From foundations to slabs, Valley Building Systems will customize your residential and commercial concrete needs.